Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kindness Sets Love in Motion

Notice in this quote it says kindness is a simple way to tell "another" struggling soul that there is love in the world. "Another" implies, to me, that we too are struggling. And certainly as codependents or addicts, we are.

This is why kindness needs to begin with us. We first need to learn to be kind to ourselves. It's important to share words of kindness, love, compassion and forgiveness with ourselves. It's also important that we begin to do nice things for ourselves. We can say "no" to helping someone when our plate is too full. We can spend the money on a massage for ourselves. We can take the time to prepare a nice cup of tea for ourselves. And we can learn to better accept kindness from others when it is offered to us.

By treating ourselves with kindness, we prove to ourselves that we do have value and worth. And by being kind to ourselves, we build up the spiritual-mental-emotional resources to then be able to offer kindness unconditionally to others.

Making the world a kinder place is OUR responsibility. And it starts with our being responsible enough and loving enough to first be kind to ourselves. Start today!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Codependents Take Hostages

It may be a recovery cliche, but it is certainly true: Codependent people do not make friends, or lovers, they take hostages. Whenever we experience that truly needy feeling, that desperate desire to cling to someone, to have ALL of their attention, we have taken them hostage in our minds and hearts.

This is when we need to find our way out of the fog by surrendering to our Higher Power and by attending a CODA or Al-Anon meeting. The spirit we experience within the group will help to bring us back to mental and emotional balance, to sanity.